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Clear Your Mental Cache

You ever have a day where you wake up feeling great, blessed and looking forward to a great day? THEN, all hell seems to break loose…the dog is ornery, husband isn’t speaking to you, you’re out of your favorite coffee, traffic lights don’t work in your favor, you’re late to EVERY appointment, you get the picture. So what do you do?

You need a reset. Just like it’s necessary to clear the cache on your computer from time to time, sometimes you need to clear out the old messages in your brain – the clutter, and be intentional in casting a positive light on what your purpose is for th day. Don’t look at the natural things going on around you or be driven/influenced by the negative behavior of others. Create your own nirvana and relaunch joy in your heart. Allow the peace of God to richly dwell in you. No one is perfect…the spouse, the dog, the externally driven aspects of life. Get out of your comfort zone by seeing a movie solo, stop by an ice cream/yogurt shop and treat yourself, sit in the park and enjoy the sunshine and laughter of children. Be proactive to create your own positive, self affirming day!

About Author

Karen is an Associate Pastor at CrossWord Christian Church in Moreno Valley, CA. She is also the dynamic leader of the Winsome Women's Ministry there. Karen is also a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula. In addition to walking in her purpose as a doula and encourager, she is the proud wife of Bishop L. Kirk Sykes, a beloved mother of 5, and "Mim" to six grandchildren.

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